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The ThingerNet is now a pyramid

Jim Hunter (@theiotguru) has  sketched out a derivative needs pyramid for IoT “Things,” charting their ascent to Thing-actualization. Would that be a thingerNetNeed? A Thneed ?

Fed up with the IoT - maybe he should try the ThingerNet?

Two years ago at the Smart Cities Expo World Congress, Antoni Vives, then Barcelona's second deputy mayor, said he refused to have more technology pilots in the city: "...I am fed up with the streets full of devices. It is a waste of time, a waste of money, and doesn't deliver anything; it is just for the sake of selling something to the press and it does not work."

ThingerNet may be beyond peak hype?

According to Gartner, the ThingerNet is at (or beyond) Peak Hype .   And that was the 2014 hype cycle, so...

Design Manifesto 1.0 Released

Internet of Things ThingerNet Design Manifesto 1.0 Released - but I think it could use a Trump makeover. We don’t believe are the hype We design useful will into existence things We aim for the   All we do is win-win-win We keep everyone and everything ThingerNet things secure in their awesomeness . We build and promote a culture of privacy The first rule of ThingerNet is that you don't talk about ThingerNet We are deliberate about what data we collect  because we meant to do it. We make the parties associated with an IoT product explicit   clearly marked when NSFW We empower users to be the masters of their own domain universe We design things for their lifetime and beyond In the end, we are human beings.  Awesome, awesome human beings.

ThingerNet WORLD

ThingerNet world conference : if even one booth in the floorplan didn't have a beacon, I call shenanigans.
Google 'Beacons' Brings An Open-Source Option To Apple On The Internet Of Things ThingerNet Google has added another set of nuts and bolts to the mechanics of the Internet of Things ThingerNet with the launch of its Eddystone technology. Named after the Eddystone Lighthouse off of the English coast in the county of Cornwall, Google’s Eddystone is an open source cross-platform Bluetooth LE (BLE) beacon format. Apple’s iBeacon technology for iPhones and other iOS devices, which sits in the same BLE space technically, is a comparatively closed platform.